CMP Sales Update: 1911 Round 4


Beginning September 1, 2023 through September 30, 2023, the CMP will be accepting Round 4 M1911 Pistol orders. The CMP is increasing the lifetime purchase limit of 1911 pistols to two (2). The yearly limit is one per calendar year until you have met your lifetime limit. If you have never purchased a 1911 pistol from CMP, you may only purchase one at this time. If you have purchased a 1911 pistol in 2023, you CANNOT purchase a second 1911 at this time. If you previously purchased a 1911 through the RGN process or auction in 2018-2022, you are eligible to purchase a second 1911 pistol. You must submit a complete order packet. Incomplete orders will not be accepted.

Visit the details on the CMP 1911 Website (Click Here)