Our History

The Connecticut State Rifle & Revolver Association, Inc. (CSRRA) was formed in 1927 with the purposes of promoting education and training for all CT citizens in the safe handling of firearms and to encourage the lawful ownership of firearms for sport and recreation. The association’s website has been established to keep its members informed on happenings around the state. It features news items, match results, articles from members and directors as well as other general information for our members. Your participation is also welcomed and encouraged!

Many volunteers that are dedicated to the shooting sports have been assembled to run your State Association. These volunteers develop and run the programs you enjoy. They also manage the affairs of the association on a daily basis. The annual meeting, which is for all members, is always a joyous occasion to get together. The annual meeting also provides an opportunity to recognize the accomplishments of those who have performed in an outstanding manner by inducting them into the Connecticut State Rifle & Revolver Association’s Hall of Fame.

We are a 501c3 Charitable Organization, so please support us!


If your interest is to help promote the CSRRA organization, we would like to hear from you! Please send an email to: president@thecsrra.org



 Our mission is to foster and support the shooting sports in the State of Connecticut:

  • To promote and encourage all phases of shooting sports within the State of Connecticut.
  • To encourage and promote firearm safety and education within the State of Connecticut.
  • To foster a climate which encourages ownership and legal use of all legal types of firearms by law-abiding citizens of the state.
  • To encourage and promote legislation to preserve the legal ownership and use of firearms for all law-abiding citizens of the State of Connecticut.
  • To promote and conduct matches/tournaments sponsored by local clubs, CSRRA, NRA, and USA Shooting
  • To promote the Shooting Sports within the State


Meet the Team


Name email Expiration
President Cicchetti, Anthony  president@thecsrra.org 2023
Vice President Hyatt, David vp@thecsrra.org 2023
Recording Secretary Lyman, Deborah secretary@thecsrra.org 2023
Treasurer Collins, Jude treasurer@thecsrra.org 2023
Activity Directors      
Education Training      
High Power Palmer, Brad highpower@thecsrra.org 2021
Junior McDonnell, Shawn juniordirector@thecsrra.org 2023
Membership Director Alvarez, Gene membership@thecsrra.org 2023
Pistol Lerz, Francis D. pistol@thecsrra.org 2021
Smallbore Gallo, Paul smallbore@thecsrra.org 2021
At-Large Directors -6      
  Bernier, Kami   2023
  Stumpf, Paul webmaster@thecsrra.org 2023
  Lavoie, Austin   2023
  Rocketto, Steven   2021
  VACANT*   2021
  D’Aleo, Joseph   2021

*Sadly Roger Sperry Passed Away on January 4, 2021


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Become a part of a 94 year tradition of shooting sports in the Nutmeg State, join our team !

Our meeting was November 6, 2020 via zoom

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