Attached are the results for the Connecticut & Rhode Island State Junior Olympic Championship.

Results JORC 2019

As Junior Director and on behalf of the Connecticut State Rifle & Revolver Association, thanks go to the Stratford PAL group (Alan Wilcoxson and Mrs. Kavulich); US Coast Guard staff (Coach Hawkins, Hap Rocketto, and many more of their staff that I won’t name as I will miss someone); and, the staff at Blue Trail Range for pulling this match off with the adverse weather conditions we had and having to re-schedule a portion of the match. Athletes don’t often have the opportunity to visit the Coast Guard Academy and/or shoot on electronic targets and we are grateful to be their guests at the Admiral Cup.

Any questions or remarks on the results or match should be directed to me at or at 203-494-1266. Remember, we do it for the kids, be gracious for our (or my) mistakes.

And, to the athletes, congratulations on a great day of shooting and fingers crossed that a bunch of you get an invitation to the National Junior Olympic competition in Colorado Springs.

Deb Lyman